UNC-Duke PART II + Roy Rants

Well, we’re back here again… It’s the best rivalry in college basketball. Period. On this podcast JR and Paul discuss the UNC-UVA game, the true impact of this UNC-Duke game and give their final pre-game predictions. Also, no podcast would be complete without a rant or two. This time, they rant about Roy and his legacy as a top coach.



Raise Up!!!

Some thoughts on big UNC games. John and JR are high on the Heels following big wins and heading into the postseason. Our take on recent wins, getting good Theo, looking forward to the Duke game, and making some picks for big ACC games. Also, John briefly talks recruiting and JR rants about journalists. We are bullish on this team and still feel as good as we did when we recorded this, even though we picked a win over UVA that was wrong before we could post it.