This week, John, JR, and Paul sit back and reminisce about the UNC’s National Championship victory. During this podcast, the Argyle Hoops discusses watching the game in both Phoenix and Chapel Hill, as well as the short-term and long-term implications of the colossal win. Tar Heel Nation has been looking forward to this one shining moment all year long… and it’s finally here! Go Heels!


Don’t Call it a Comeback

UNC is back in the National Championship! After a sloppy and dramatic win over Oregon, John, JR, and Paul discuss the Heels greatest test yet… The Gonzaga Bulldogs. Listen in and hear Argyle Hoops thoughts on the UNC-Oregon Game, Joel Berry’s nagging injuries, as well as some final thoughts on the big matchup. Also, we have to mention that John has some special insider scoops from the bookies in Vegas!

What’s that saying again… Second time’s a charm? Let’s go Heels!

Pull out the brackets! It’s time for March Madness

During this podcast, JR, John and Paul discuss UNC’s loss to Duke, the NCAA tournament’s debatable seeding, and their picks for this year’s bracket. Will UNC take home the championship after being so close last year? Find out in Argyle Hoops’ first podcast of March Madness 2017.

Special Guest Podcast: Maryland and the B1G

This podcast was a bit delayed, so please forgive us that we didn’t yet know about the conference tournaments and bracket outcomes. That said, this time we have our guest and long-time University of Maryland fan, Drew, who joins Paul to discuss the UMD Terrapins, the new B1G, the old ACC, March Madness, and even a little bit of college lacrosse… Give it a listen!